About PreQuilt



Hi! Welcome to PreQuilt! We’re Gar Liu, a developer, and Laura Henneberry, a quilter, and we’ve teamed up to use technology to design quilts in fun and surprising ways.

PreQuilt was born one night when I was struggling to design The Circus Tent Quilt with my limited Illustrator skills. Gar looked over my shoulder and said he could code something for me that would speed up the design process. And the rest is history... Or rather it’s the start of the ever evolving web application you see here today. 

PreQuilt is for the quilting community. Share with us what features you want in the next release. We're all ears! If you're curious about what's in our pipeline, please check out our Trello board!

Start with a modern pattern from one of our amazing collaborators or use our PreQuilt web application to create your own design!


Gar Liu

Over the last 20 years I've been hoarding domain names and have built many pet projects (some a bit cringe worthy now). Along the way, I was lucky to have had the opportunity to freelance with some amazing ad agencies as a developer. Curious to hone in on my creative side, I studied graphic design at OCAD in 2003. Now having both creativity and technology under my belt, and living in a time of open source code, I feel like I can finally put those parked domain names to use and make things that are only limited by my imagination. Yeah, yeah, I know we were promised jet packs by this time but I'll settle for open source communities for now!


Laura Henneberry is the founder of Commonwealth Quilts, a Toronto based quilt and design studio. Laura believes that we each have something authentic to share with the world, a commonwealth. Quilts are her commonwealth.

 The Circus Tent Quilt is her first quilt pattern. More of her studio work can be found on Instagram @commonwealthquilts.