King's Dash Quilt Pattern (PDF)
King's Dash Quilt Pattern (PDF)
King's Dash Quilt Pattern (PDF)
Satterwhite Quilts

King's Dash Quilt Pattern (PDF)

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(I love this quilt but would love to change the colours)

King's Dash is a royal refresh on the traditional Churn Dash quilt block turns ordinary triangles and rectangles into an entrancing optical illusion in this Fat Quarter-friendly pattern.

Finished Size: 56"x 72"

Skill Level: Confident Beginner

Pattern instructions include tables and charts for efficient fabric cutting, easy to follow steps for block construction, and straightforward assembly diagrams –does not include finishing instructions for basting, quilting, or binding.


About the Designer

Stefanie Satterwhite is the creative force behind Satterwhite Quilts, is a textile artist and graphic/ux designer currently based out of Seattle, where she lives with her partner and daughter. Her work has been featured in Curated Quilts, Love Patchwork and QuiltingQuiltCon Magazine, and others.

Using color to explore the rhythm and spatial relationships of basic geometric structures, Stefanie's quilt designs reveal complex and rich experiences that only occur when working with very simple structures. She finds inspiration in the relationships between objects and the space in which they exist, how brains work, really big landscapes, and other stuff like that.

Stefanie hopes her designs inspire you to continue telling the story of who you are and where you have been through quilting.

See what Stefanie is up to on Instagram @satterwhitequilts, and on her website

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